Flying Paws Agility Club

Late fall classes just starting!

Come out and enjoy the cooler air at the barn!  We’re starting two Agility Foundations classes…Thursday, October, October 25 at 7:15 p.m. and Sunday, October 21 at 3 p.m.

Check out the Classes page for all the times and class descriptions.  See you soon!



8 thoughts on “Flying Paws Agility Club

    • HI, Tansy and I plan to attend the agility class for beginners on March 29th at 6:30 PM. Will bring class fee of $90.00 for six week class. If anything else needed please advise! We are looking forwarded to this class. Thank you, Shirley Lindemann

  1. Hi! We are very much active, though don’t have classes in the winter. Many of our members spend this time focussing on trial skills or other pursuits. But we will bring out the equipment to the field most likely in March and also probably start off with a try-it day before launching into classes. Keep an eye on this web site (you can subscribe to new posts) or on our Facebook page. We’ll announce it in plenty of time for you to sign up! If you have other questions, contact our direct email: Thanks for your interest!!

  2. This just looks like a lot of fun. My husband and I are retired and will be picking up our 10 week old poodle puppy the end of March. How old do you suggest the prospective dog be when first being introduced to agility training? I’m not at all sure we would be interested in competition, but the training looks fun.

    • We generally suggest a puppy be about 10 months old or so before starting Agility Foundations, which does not involve jumping. We don’t recommend jumping until after the dog is 12 months old and a vet has given you the go-ahead to do some jumping. In the meantime, Applied Canine Behavior here in Bloomington has puppy classes that might be just perfect for you! Check them out!

  3. Hi… wanted to see what was needed to sign up for basic class. Times and location of upcoming classes.

    Thank you

    ruth and George

    • Hello! We have an Agility Foundations class starting tonight at 7:15 pm! Feel free to just come out, as there are spots available! You can head on over to our Forms page to print out the class form if you want to get a head start!!

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