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    • You can begin teaching a puppy many skills that will help them later on! Our perquisite class, Agility Foundations, would be good for a puppy probably of about six months or older. The next level, Beginner 1, includes jumping, and we don’t let young dogs jump until they have reached a year or so, depending on the advice of your vet!!

  1. Curious as to what it would cost to bring 3 dogs to first classes to check aptitude. Terv age 7, Corgi age 3 and Terv age 1. All but pup have some obedience and rally training. Looking for a group that is friendly and fun loving.

    • Hi! We are starting up classes in about a month and will make an announcement on both our website and our Facebook page. Our Agility Foundations class is $90 per dog/handler team for a six-week class. Its a fantastic class in which to work on your dog’s focus, whether you go on in agility or not. I’ve seen lots of Tervs and Corgis who excel at agility because they LOVE to work!! Stay tuned! We’d love to meet all of you!

  2. Hello, we would like to enroll our dog in your beginner agility class. We’re hoping that we could join the class a week late. Is this possible? Please call at 812-219-5869 or email me at

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