One Mind Dog Seminar – with Ali Yaden-Schwartz


Saturday, April 27th and

Sunday, April 28th, 9 am to 5 pm

Join us as Ali does one of her favorite things, which is teaching handlers how to communicate with their dogs in a way the dogs naturally understand the course.

The seminar is Level I, One Mind Dog Training

Working spots limited to 8 per day (wait list only); Auditing spots unlimited

Cost:  $135 Per day working spot – Auditing spot $50 Per Day
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Location: Flying Paws Agility Club, 6695 N Bottom Road, Bloomington, IN 47404

DAY ONE:   Skills which will be taught:  Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, and False Turn.  Prerequisites:  Dog must be at least one year old, with sequencing experience.

DAY TWO:   Skills which will be taught: Backside Send, Reverse Spin, Whiskey Cross, and Lateral Push.  The key learning is doing all your handling from the dog’s perspective–a very eye-opening experience for most.  Prerequisites:  Dog must be at least one year old, with sequencing experience.

About Ali

Ali’s passion as a handler and trainer is to learn as much as possible to help herself better communicate with her dog on course. She strives to do her best to bridge the “language barrier” between dog and human in training, and to learn how to communicate to her dog in the simplest and most natural way.

Ali holds critical thinking as one of her main strengths as a trainer. She analyzes and troubleshoots.  If a handler has a miscommunication with her dog on course, Allison is able to step back and help the handler analyze what the body language conveyed and how to change it to strengthen the dog’s understanding.

“I never feel it is possible to know ‘enough’. I do my best to constantly expand upon what I know and grow to be the best teammate possible for my dog and to help others grow with their dogs.”

Ali is an upbeat and positive instructor. She does her best to foster both the dog’s and handler’s enthusiasm and confidence on course. She loves to help her students set individualized goals and guide them to reach those goals. “I try to really invest myself in helping each one of my students be the best teammate they can possibly be.”

One of Ali’s favorite things to teach her students is how to communicate with their dogs in a way their dog naturally understands on course. She loves to teach handling techniques, as she feels it’s an area where one can really illustrate through the elements and 3Cs (One Mind Dog techniques) how to speak your dog’s language.

Ali, an instructor at Pawsitive Partners, currently has Border Collies Syke and Trek who compete in USDAA and AKC agility.  Syke has qualified for Nationals in USDAA.  Early in her agility career she trained a sheltie mix, a beagle and a Chihuahua mix.  To Ali, helping all teams achieve excellent communication is the biggest reward.

Event Hosted by:
Flying Paws Agility Club
6695 N Bottom Road, Bloomington, IN 47404
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