Beginning the week of October 4th, we are offering a new round of small Agility classes. Please email us at for more information.

Our classes are 6-week sessions, about 1 hour each class.  Cost is $120 for each session.

To expedite registration the day of class, print and complete the application form (which currently also includes a Covid form), using the link below.

If you’ve taken classes with us before, notice that some of the class names and descriptions have changed.  If you have any questions about which one is best for you, email us.

Printable Class Application Forms

Agility Foundations (Prerequisite for all classes)

  • Tuesday’s @ 7:15pm with Candy (1 spot left)

Prerequisite: Dogs are at least 10 months old.  No other training is required, although it is always desirable to have the basics of sit, come, stay, and walk on a leash without pulling.

Skills Learned: Dog walks with handler on both sides, waits in position until released, can be sent around a cone and jump standard.  Dog is introduced to tippy and travel boards and table to have exposure to new surfaces. Dog can go through short tunnel.


Obstacles 1 (May be in this level for more than one session)

  • Sunday’s @ 12:30 pm with Kate (FULL)
  • Monday’s @ 7:00 pm with Graznya (FULL)

Prerequisite: Agility Foundations or permission after agreement of at least two instructors.

Skills learned: Dog goes over jumps from all angles and begins to learn a stay at start line.  Dog can be sent over jump or follow movement of handler to go past jump. Dog is confident entering a tunnel at a slight curve. Dog is confident going over a lower dog walk.  Dog understands stopped contact behavior and can stay until released with handler nearby. Dog is able to run through 2x2s that are still open slightly—with handler on both sides.  Exposure to beginning teeter skills.

Handler Skills:  Front cross and post turn with dog going over a jump. Start line stay.  Ability to sequence 3-4 obstacles successfully.


Obstacles 2 (May be in this level for more than one session)

  • Sunday’s @ 2:00 pm with Kate

Prerequisite: Obstacles 1 or permission after agreement of at least two instructors.

Skills learned: All skills from Obstacles 1, plus ability to maneuver full-size dogwalk with successful stopped contact, even with proofing. Dog can run over A-Frame with successful contacts. Dog can drive through 2×2 weave poles from different approaches. Ability to complete six straight weave poles with an easy entrance. Dog can perform teeter at either low level with no table or regular level with table under one side with successful stopped contact. Exposed to tire jump and broad jump.

Handler skills: Front cross, understanding of rear cross and ability to perform it on the flat, start line stay executed at least one obstacle away.  Ability to sequence 4-6 obstacles successfully.


Handling (Most likely will need more than one session of this class)

  • Monday’s @ 5:30pm with Nancy

Prerequisite: Handling 2 or permission after agreement of at least two instructors.

Skills learned:  Understanding of handling elements (movement, position, eyes, etc.), walking the dog’s line, sending and recalls over jumps, front cross and rear cross over jumps. Understanding of how to plan and execute a course of 3-5 obstacles and be able to try different handling solutions if asked by instructor.

Dog skills:  Forward focus, with 60/40 split on obstacles and handler.


Intro to Courses (WILL need more than one session of this class)

  • Thursday’s @ 6:00 pm with Sharon

Prerequisite: Obstacles 1 and 2 and Handling or permission after agreement of at least two instructors.

Skills learned: Lateral push, successful front and rear cross in motion. Understanding of how to walk a course and plan with an alternate plan in case something goes wrong, Ability to sequence 10 obstacles (any combination, all obstacles, at least 12 weave poles) successfully incorporating front and rear cross, lateral push.  Exposure to blind cross.  Execute all contact obstacles with successful contact performance from dog  and ability to move before releasing dog.

Dog skills: Ability to take all obstacles with appropriate cues.


Specialty skills class/seminars

Flying Paws will offer one or two-day seminars from time to time that will focus on skills that students may need to improve, such as weaves, teeter, 2-O, 2-O, and start line stays.

If you are interested in signing up in advance for any class, please email us at: