Beginning the week of August 17, we are offering a limited number of small Agility Foundation classes. Please email us at FPagility @ for more information.

Our classes are 6-week sessions.  Cost is $90 for each session.

To expedite registration the day of class, print and complete the application form, using the link below.

If you’ve taken classes with us before, notice that some of the class names and descriptions have changed.  If you have any questions about which one is best for you, email us.

Printable Class Application Form

Agility Foundations (Prerequisite for all classes)

Prerequisite: Dogs are at least 10 months old.  No other training, though it is always desirable to have the basics of site, come, stay, walk on a leash without pulling.

Skills Learned: Dog walks with handler on both sides, waits in position until released, can be sent around a cone and jump standard.  Dog is introduced to tippy and travel boards and table to have exposure to new surfaces. Dog can go through short tunnel.