Fireworks and Fido

Fireworks can bring OOOO’s and AAAHHH’s from us… but bring terror to our pets.


The ASCPA states that one in five pets are scared of loud noises.  The 4thof July, in fact, is the most active holidays for shelter workers because of the number of dogs lost.  More dogs are lost this weekend than any other during the year. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe:

  • Make sure your pet has a collar properly fitted with current contact information. (Cliffty Animal Supply in Madison, Indiana, can make ID for their collars while you wait)
  • Microchips can provide an extra layer of protection as well. Make sure your pets microchip is working by asking your vet to scan the chip.  The contact information listed with the microchip company needs to kept current also.
  • Have current photo of your pet just in case.
  • Feed pets earlier in the day and walk them on a leash before dark.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended outside.
  • Place pets in crates if they are crate trained and/or an interior room of the house.
  • White noise can help – a tv or radio turned on.
  • Lights on will decease the burst of light that frighten some pets.
  • Leave pets at home during celebrations.
  • Antianxiety vests help some pets, ie Thundershirt.
  • Antianxiety medications are also an option for pets that are extremely sensitive to noise. Seek veterinary recommendations.

adorable animal cat close up

Cats and livestock can be affected by fireworks as well. Make sure livestock fencing is secure and cats have a safe place to hide.  Cats may benefit from some of the same safety precautions as dogs.

Taking precautions with your pets will help ensure their safety allowing you to enjoy the celebrations of July 4th.

Denice Rackley is a freelance writer who is also a RVT, working Border Collie breeder and trainer and livestock producer.

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