Fireworks and Fido

Fireworks can bring OOOO’s and AAAHHH’s from us… but bring terror to our pets.


The ASCPA states that one in five pets are scared of loud noises.  The 4thof July, in fact, is the most active holidays for shelter workers because of the number of dogs lost.  More dogs are lost this weekend than any other during the year. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe:

  • Make sure your pet has a collar properly fitted with current contact information. (Cliffty Animal Supply in Madison, Indiana, can make ID for their collars while you wait)
  • Microchips can provide an extra layer of protection as well. Make sure your pets microchip is working by asking your vet to scan the chip.  The contact information listed with the microchip company needs to kept current also.
  • Have current photo of your pet just in case.
  • Feed pets earlier in the day and walk them on a leash before dark.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended outside.
  • Place pets in crates if they are crate trained and/or an interior room of the house.
  • White noise can help – a tv or radio turned on.
  • Lights on will decease the burst of light that frighten some pets.
  • Leave pets at home during celebrations.
  • Antianxiety vests help some pets, ie Thundershirt.
  • Antianxiety medications are also an option for pets that are extremely sensitive to noise. Seek veterinary recommendations.

adorable animal cat close up

Cats and livestock can be affected by fireworks as well. Make sure livestock fencing is secure and cats have a safe place to hide.  Cats may benefit from some of the same safety precautions as dogs.

Taking precautions with your pets will help ensure their safety allowing you to enjoy the celebrations of July 4th.

Denice Rackley is a freelance writer who is also a RVT, working Border Collie breeder and trainer and livestock producer.

Summer classes start June 4

Hey!  You don’t want your dog to be bored during the longer days of summer, do you?

It’s time to sign up for the next session of Flying Paws Agility Club classes! Whether you are just starting out or working on improving your skills, this is a great time to work with us!

Check out the Classes page now to find a class that works for you!

Prepare for June Nationals, or Run for Fun


Flying Paws Agility Club, in Bloomington Indiana, is hosting their second Nationals inspired Run Thru and everyone is invited

May 26th 12:00 – 4:00

Don’t have enough Q’s for Nationals?  With us, it doesn’t matter.

Practice for Nationals by running courses inspired by previous Nationals events,        OR the time is yours, work on anything, or make up your own course.

The first session attendees had a great time, and you will too.

We have 2 dirt rings ready for you to dig into.

Standard and Traditional Jackpot

Set up and check-in from 10:45 to 11:45

$15 for a full day (per dog) or $5 for a single run

To register and pay by check, or if you have questions, email us at

Or go to our Facebook Shop and pay with a credit card using the link below:

May 26th Purchase

Address: 6695 N Bottom Road Bloomington, IN 47404

*Comment from 1st session attendee.
Comment 1st session

images (2)




No food or beverages available at the event

Nationals or Not, Run with Us

Don’t have enough Q’s for Nationals?  With us, it doesn’t matter.

Run courses inspired by previous Nationals events,


The time is yours, work on anything, or make up your own course.

Flying Paws Agility Club, in Bloomington Indiana is hosting     

Nationals inspired  Run Thrus and everyone is invited

We have 2 dirt rings ready for you to play in.

April 22nd 12-4  Standard and Jumpers

May 26th 12-4 Standard and Jackpot

Set up and check in both days 10:30 to 11:45

$15 for a full day or $5 for a single run

Join us one or both days for some great runs and some great fun.

To register, email us at

Or pay via credit card at our Facebook Shop using one of the links below:

April 22nd Purchase

May 26th Purchase

Address: 6695 N Bottom Road Bloomington, IN 47404

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No food or beverages available at the event

Hit the Dirt for Nationals at Flying Paws Agility Club

To help teams prepare for June Nationals, Flying Paws Agility Club is hosting two “Nationals Inspired” Run Thru events. Each event will have two 80’ x 75’ dirt rings running simultaneously.

Dates April 22nd and May 26th
Time: Runs from 12:00 – 4:00
Setup, Check-in, and walk through 10:30-11:45.
Cost: $15 for full day
$5 for a single run
Courses: April 22nd, will have a Standard course, and a Jumpers course
May 26th will have a Standard course, and a Jackpot course.

Entries are limited, so sign up before the spots are gone.

Join us one, or both days for some great runs, and some great fun!

To preregister and pay via our Facebook “Shop” use one of the links below.

April 22nd Session

May 26th Session

Or preregister via email at and provide the following:
For Brochure Fade
 Session date.
 Your name.
 Your dog’s name.
 Dog’s jump height.




No food or beverages available at the event.

Flying Paws Agility Club

Is Heading For Cover





Bring your dog and help us celebrate our move,

check out our new facility, and give agility a try.

Sunday, March 25th from 2pm to 5pm

Address: 6695 N Bottom Rd Bloomington 47404

General directions:

* From Ellettsville:  Maple Grove Rd east to tee at Bottom Rd.  Turn left, barn about 3 miles on the left.
* From North:  Hwy 37 S to Sample Rd exit west (right).  Turn left on Simpson Chapel Rd, to tee at Bottom Rd.  Turn right on Bottom Rd.  Barn about 1 mile on left.
* From South:  Hwy 37 N to 45/46 East exit.  Left at first stoplight, onto Kinser Pike, crosses over 37 and turns into Bottom Rd.  Barn about 4 miles past 37 on left.

Flying Paws Agility Presents ~ Live from New York: Agility with Karen Lechner


Clear + Consistent = Confidence:

Helping your team perform with speed and accuracy

Saturday, July, 29th and Sunday, July, 30th, 9 am to 5 pm

Agility veteran Karen Lechner loves teaching her students to be fair, clear, and consistent in training.  The result is her students’ create confident dogs and handler teams that love the sport, performing with speed and accuracy!  With Karen’s instruction you will learn the techniques needed to be a successful handler.

Working spots limited to 10; Auditing spots unlimited

Day One:  Novice/Open/Level 1-3
Day Two:  Masters/Excellent/Level 4-5C
Cost:  $150 Per day working spot, Limit 10 – Auditing spot $50 Per Day
To Register, Email:
Location: Pawsitive Energy Dog Training and Agility, 6115 W. Lowell Rd.  Columbus, Indiana

DAY ONE:  Morning session will be devoted to jumps and tunnels in short sequences; focusing on handling techniques such as when, where and how to cue your dog while drawing the dog’s path.  The seminar will cover body language, verbal cues and motion as well as learning and refining agility foundation skills.  The afternoon will consist of some short sequences which will incorporate contacts on the A-frame, dogwalk and the seesaw.  Karen’s expertise will help teach and clarify the importance of consistent 2o2o contact behavior.  Prerequisites:  Dog must be at least one year old, competent on all obstacles (excluding weaves) with sequencing experience.

DAY TWO:  Geared for more complex sequences that require choices in handling that will suit you and your dog.  Whether to choose a front cross or another handling choice, proper timing and execution will be addressed.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the importance of drawing the dog’s path using body language, verbal cues and motion.  Each team will learn what works best for them through a variety of handling sequences and analysis.  Prerequisites:  Dog must be at least one year old, proficient on all obstacles with full sequencing experience.

About Karen
It all began for Karen in 1996.  It was at that time that she purchased her first Labrador retriever, Cody.  She had started agility “just for fun”. After a few years she proudly became the sixth person in the country to earn a Master Agility Championship (MACH).

Since then, Karen has earned many placements and titles in both agility and obedience with several of her dogs; earning both obedience championships (OTCH) as well as agility championships (MACH).  Karen currently competes in both obedience and agility with her two labs Pepsi and her newest addition Tag, who is truly giving Karen a run for her money!

 MACH SHR Rhumbline’s High Grade MXG MJS JH “Grady”
In 2011 Karen and Grady qualified to try out for and attended the AKC World Team tryouts in Minnesota, where they had some beautiful runs!  In an arena full of border collies, Grady stood out, being the only Labrador to try out in the large dog division.

OTCH MACH2 Rhumbline’s Pepsi With A Twist UDX10 OGM MXG MJG JH “Pepsi”
In 2012 Karen’s other Labrador, Pepsi, became the first female black lab in the United States to earn both her Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) and Master Agility Championship (MACH).  Karen and Pepsi have had the honor of being invited and attended three National Obedience Championship (NOC) events around the country.

Event Hosted by:
Flying Paws Agility Club
1491 E Sample Rd Bloomington, IN 47408
To Register, Email:

Canine Fitness Seminar

Just like you, your dog is happier being fit and trim!  Come join us Sunday, April 23, from 1-2:30 p.m., for a hands-on seminar with your dog. Find out some tips on improving your dog’s overall fitness in a fun class for both of you. Using uneven surfaces and focussing on body awareness, you’ll learn how to help your dog enjoy exercise even more.

You’ll also work on warms-up and cool-down techniques that will help your dog, even if he is a weekend warrior.

Cost:  $25

Space is limited, reserve a spot now at: